Monday, December 29, 2008

Food Safety

Keeping food safe is top of mind for a lot of people given all the food safety scares we had in 2008. And food safety actually starts in your own kitchen. That's right! You should take the lead to help ensure the food you eat is safe.

According to a recent article by the American Dietetic Association (in ADA Times winter 2009 edition), there are several "chilling facts" that the ADA points out:

1. Less than 50% of you know to keep your refrigerators below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Most people don't even know the temperature of their refrigerators. (Get a thermometer!)
3. Most refrigerators exceed 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
4. About half of you store food in harmful ways promoting cross contamination.
5. Your refrigerators are dirty! (Clean them.)
6. The produce bin is a haven for unhealthy bacteria. (Clean it.)
7. Don't store non-food items in your fridge. Or at least keep it to a minimum. (See below.)
8. Check the door seal. A problem with the seal could lead to mold growth.

What Non-Food Items Are You Talking About?

-Batteries, film, candles (cold temps helps keep these in good shape)
-Airplane tickets, cigars, dried flowers (cold temps don't help)
-Tooth bleach, worms, paint brushes (cold temps may help)

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